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What’s the Big Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?

hemp oil vs cbd oil

After the government bill passed in 2018 that legalized the production of hemp, hemp oil, and CBD oil, it has taken the world by storm.

Just a few years ago, you would have never seen these products on shelves and probably wouldn’t have even heard of them.

Nowadays, they line the aisles of many a store and have their health benefits paraded up and down many a news website.

But you may be asking yourself: what’s the difference between the two? In this article, we’ll explain hemp oil vs CBD oil so that you can decide which product is right for your needs.

Hemp Oil

So, what exactly is hemp oil? Simply put, hemp oil is the oil that results from the squeezing of hempseed. Hempseed is the seed that is produced by some varieties of the industrial hemp plant.

Due to the fact that hemp seed is rich in omega-6 acids, hemp oil has significant nutritional benefits when taken in small doses. Certain studies have also revealed the fact that skin disorders like eczema can be mitigated with the constant application of hemp oil.


CBD oil, on the other hand, is made from the stem, leaves, and other parts of the hemp plant. This is an important distinction, as we’ll discuss further in the next section.

The oil has several uses.

Firstly, it has been shown to help reduce chronic pains when applied to the region of pain. It can also reduce areas of inflammation in the skin, and small dosages can act as a sleeping aid and help one to get over insomnia.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

So what’s the big difference between hemp oil and CBD oil? Well firstly, they’re from different parts of the same plant. The result of that is there is THC in CBD oil, but none in hemp oil. This IS because there is no THC housed in the seeds of the hemp plant, which is where hemp oil is extracted from.

However, there is THC is the stem, leaves, etc. Legally, CBD oil can only be 0.3% THC, which gives it the properties of being able to help with insomnia.

Remember that CBD oil is outlawed in certain states, although it is federally legal. Be sure to check in your state that CBD oil is legal to purchase.

Which One is Right for You?

Now that you know the differences of hemp oil vs CBD oil, all that remains is for you to decide which one is right for you. Your decision will be dependent on whether or not CBD oil is legal in your state and whether you struggle with insomnia and chronic pain.

If not, then you may want to take a look at hemp oil.

Conklin and Chemist Master Oil products are made from the whole hemp plant, therefore, you get the benefits of hemp oil and CBD oil for a full-spectrum approach to your well being. Be sure to come into our store in Mesa, AZ or visit us online @www.masteroil.shop for all your CBD purchase needs!

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