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We never “toot” our own horn, but over the years people have done it for us. We appreciate any and all testimonials, reviews and endorsements we get; good or bad (but we like good ones more). If you’d like to add to our guestbook, please just send it through our “Say Hello” page and let us know how we did! We do try to respond to all comments and concerns, If we haven’t yet, just be patient, or come in and bug us 😉

Purchased some CBD for acute back pain and it helped. Friendly staff, good prices, and good products.

– Kelly

A family member let me use his cbd from conklin and chemist and I was so happy with the product I just ordered my own! Love it

– Maritza Armendariz

I walked in and was greeted right away super knowledgeable n friendly….the oil helped with adhd in my child. They helped me feel at ease with the whole thing left happy n confident. Bonus helps with my anxiety as well.

– Maribel

These are great people with even better products. Thank you for your support in helping us raise money to care for our veterans. All of us here at 1620 Foundation thank you for your generous contributions to our Non-profit.

– William

I love this place! A guy in here is working on making his own soaps and scrubs and they are amazing! The staff here is always so friendly and helpful!

– Heather

I love the master pm oil. No other sleep aid helps so easily with so few side effects!

– Alexis Chalfant

Love the place!!! Staff is very knowledgeable and cares about your wants and or needs. Great selection of different products and always new stuff!!!

– Brandon

I’ve been selling their products since 2012, and have hundreds if not thousands of happy customers.

– Sean C.

Ive trusted them for years and my skin couldn’t be more grateful.

– Jessica K

An innovative company and some of the most knowledgable people in the industry.

– Gerry

Great products and beautiful packaging.

– Desiree D.

We’ve enjoyed all the different products we’ve tried.

– Rich

I use the pain cream everyday to alleviate the pain in my hands from arthritis. Within minutes, my hands are pain free and I am able to use my thumbs and fingers again freely. I reapply as needed on especially painful days. It’s easy, smells good and isn’t too oily on my skin.

– Susan T.

Great service and very affordably priced in regards to CBD products They also make everything there in small batches! I got a 400 mg/2oz pain cream and 2 soap bars for $30

– Julianna Santos

Sean was extremely helpful and was willing to take what ever time was needed for me to be informed and happy about my purchase. I could even tell that he was actually listening to me , unlike most customer oriented businesses. Great suggestions, Felt like I knew a lot more than when I came in. Will definitely return.

– DJ

Extremely well educated staff. Explained multiple benefits of their many products. Have been using products for a while for myself and my bulldogs. Highly recommend for anyone curious about CBD benefits.

– Brian Granillo

I have severe anxiety and depression. My husband and I Went to this shop for CBD oil, tried it, and I felt immediate relief. Relief I haven’t felt in months. It actually brought me to tears. great service. Great shop. Highly recommend. Thank you!!!

– Amanda

The pain cream worked like magic for my back pain!

– Lucie

Clean, well lit, and the staff are super friendly. Have great name brand items. Very awesome. def a step over these other yahoos.

– Teddy

Great store! Love the friendly, helpful staff. Huge variety of merchandise at very reasonable prices. Highly recommend whether you’re a newbie or an old pro!!!

– Shellie

This shop is amazing! You can really appreciate the variety on hand and the service is always great. Add the friendly vibes and this shop definitely stands out from any other.

– Tyera

This place is so awesome. Friendly service, affordable prices. I will definitely recommend to others.

– Bella

Finally found it! Full spectrum cbd oil. I can’t tell you how long I have been looking for this. So much better than the other name brand stuff out there, definitely worth the drive.

– Kirk