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humble beginnings


Conklin & Chemist started making oil in 2012, but we didn’t start with CBD. The seeds were sewn in the finest coconut, the richest hemp seed and the most premium argan oils. After a year of extreme weightloss, Andrew, the Chemist, started to create products to help his own skin rebound, reshape and reform from the many hardships of weight-loss. After 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, the damaged skin, stretch-marks and overall “looseness” began to recede and we knew we had something special. We frantically started sharing body oils, salt scrubs, handmade soaps and ingestible oils to our friends and family in an attempt to help others with the same problems we were solving, but it wasn’t enough. We yearned for a better oil, something that would do more and cost less and in late 2012 we found CBD.


When we started making CBD oil we wanted to make it like all of our other products; safe, strong and effective but also unique, handcrafted and as raw as possible. We had a second goal, as well, and that was to make oil like the ancient oil makers did 2000 years ago, add to it new age science and our experience to make the best product possible. We thought, “It can’t be that hard, right?” (It is, we were wrong). But we’re more stubborn than wrong, so we did it anyway! We learned and perfected making oil the “old fashioned” way because we truly think it’s the best way to do it, and since we also use our products every day, we want them to be as natural and economical as possible.


We have come a long way, but we are and remain a small (very small) business dedicating most of our effort towards local business and personal clients. We hold talks and group discussions to share and teach people the ins-and-outs of oil, how to find the product that’s right for them (even if it isn’t ours), and even teach them how to make oil themselves. It brings us joy to share our knowledge, and we take great pride in educating people about our story and experience. In our home store in Mesa, Arizona we have our very own lab, with a viewing window where you can see us make our soaps, salts and oils; and of course, ask questions and get specialty products made just for you, right in front of you.